What We're Building

What it is

Modern financial & retirement planning tools with multi-class asset & investment tracking.

At the core will be asking "what if". What if I put $10,000 in crypto? What if I bought this investment property? What if I work at a startup for 5 more years? What if I put all my money in an index fund and leave it there for 30 years?

It's much more focused on the big picture and understanding how your decisions today will potentially affect your outcomes down the road.

This is not a budgeting tool or simple stock tracker. But those things are certainly a part of it as they help build the bigger picture.

Why it’s better

This is focused on consumers and retail investors, not CFPs. It's aimed at giving consumers control of their long term financial goals without the need to pay a CFP a % of their assets to do it.

As investing becomes more democratized (and not just for the ultrawealthy), the tools to manage and track those investments in the context of long term financial planning becomes more crucial. Not to mention the ways consumers can invest are expanding rapidly.

The current landscape does not serve those needs well.

Users should be able to dream and constantly ask "what if" and understand how their current decisions play in to their future possibilities.

Current landscape

How it will make money

Monthly subscription fee. Consumers will not be upsold financial services or be subjected to endless ads and offers to offset the cost of the service. This will absolutely reduce the number of users, but the upside is an infinitely better user experience and a lower cost of acquisition. It also means it makes money from the start instead of trying to hash that out years down the road after being propped up by VC money.